Friday, May 27, 2016

Fuck Boston

You would be excused if you thought yesterday was a Red Sox game. Our broadcasters, whether on tv or on radio just couldn't shut up about them.

Don't they know we hate them and mentioning them over and over only antagonizes us? Yes, they're playing out of their minds at the moment but you know what? WE DON'T CARE.

Remember the Sux front office and Boston media tampering with us for Farrell? We do.

Remember the Sux front office offering a stupid amount of money to players only to offload the bad contracts later on and not get penalized for it? We do.

Remember that utter bullshit of a season in 2013 where a whole truckload of horseshoes got them the world series despite Farrell's utter managerial incompetence? We do.

You can talk homegrown players all you want but most of them were traded for, not drafted, when they were prospects. A lot of them as replacement for the stupid contracts I mentioned.

Then there is the Masshole sense of entitlement. They've become worse than the Yankees. When they're losing they are entertaining, granted. When they're winning they are insufferable fucks.

Thank fuck the Rockies beat them yesterday. Colorado, we owe you a big one. This series is going to be painful enough but at least our broadcasters won't be able to get their hard ons over JBJ's hitting streak and a win streak. (Though it would have been great if you had ended Xander Bogaerts' as well. Just sayin')

Buckle up, everyone. Try not to throw sharp objects as our broadcasts devolve into Sux homers this weekend. We've got to hang on to each other through this trying time. At least we're not playing in their joke of a ballpark so we don't have to hear how fucking wonderful and historic it is.

Let's fuck up these fuckers!