Friday, August 5, 2016

Royals suck

When I was researching the Fenway post, I ran across a piece about why the K sucks written in that 2009 series. The piece actually likes the K and focuses more on the futility of the Royals then but it's priceless for this line:
That they let the Royals play there is akin to letting a kazoo band play the Sydney Opera House.
Those suckers may have rings but they're still trash not worthy of their park.

I think everyone was around for the ALCS last year. We all remember their BABIP bullshit, their Amish-assisted home run, their bullshit strike calls during the series. Then their bullshit continued in the World Series.

This year, they've been decimated by injuries, which shows that karma works. This team that loves throwing at players and picking fights is currently looking up at the AL Central. And this weekend we will do our part to keep it that way.

So feel free to go on at great lengths in the comments section about how the Royals suck.