Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Guide to the Astros blogosphere

Not a huge amount of blogs out there but what is there is quality.

The Crawfish Boxes

Can't find any hint of its existence before SB Nation. Can't even find out why it's call The Crawfish Boxes. Nothing to really distinguish it (even the community guidelines are SB standard), although they do at least help you find options to watch the game and have a podcast. It's a typical SB Nation blog and thus on this list.

Astros County

This is the site with personality. If you print out the card above and take a picture of yourself with it, they post it on the blog. As they define themselves (himself? There seems to be only one writer):
Established in 2008, Astros County is your friendly neighborhood blog & grill. We are the Protectors of the Legacy of Dickie Thon, Defenders of the Honor of J.R. Richard, and Anti-American League. Orlando Palmeiro Was Safe.
There's a podcast called Lima Time Time that he contributes to (very much like Birds All Day). There's pretty much a post a day. There's longer history posts easily found on the menu bar and sidebar. And best of all, it's a Blogger blog that runs on a donate system, like this one. (Button on the right.)

Recent post: Astros trade Feldman, Fields, promote Musgrove


This blog was founded by Chip Bailey, who lives in Louisiana but is a longtime Astros fan. He's a former sportswriter and editor who now runs this blog as a hobby. There's also two other writers on the staff. There are posts fairly regularly and more importantly, there is a lively comment section that uses his posts as game threads. There's other sections that move into personal territory but it is primarily an Astros blog. I haven't seen anything like this in all the blogs I've been looking into this year, which makes it pretty cool.