Friday, August 19, 2016

Guide to the Cleveland blogosphere

I have to say, Cleveland has the best names for their blogs. The DiaTribe, TribeVibe, Wahoo's on First, Burning River Baseball.

Let's Go Tribe

Count on the SB blog to be the only one with a boring name. It carries through the site itself. It doesn't seem to have a personality the way some of the early SB sites so I'm guessing SB created it. It does seem to have a fairly active commenting community though. They do have a podcast and the titles show a glimpse of personality.

Recent post title: Indians News and Notes: Traffic Apocalypse

Did The Tribe Win Last Night?

This simple question begat this blog in 2011. Initially just using an image and a quick recap, the blog decided to get series that offseason and the following year it was voted best Cleveland blog. The became accredited and now have access to the entire Cleveland system. From one guy to a full staff. It's the Stoeten equivalent! The landing page is laid out like a newspaper and the writing is solid. The best part of the site is the daily Today in Tribe History.

Recent post title: Potential Playoff Preview at Progressive Field as Indians Host Red Sox

It's Pronounced "Lajaway"

It's got disqus, so bonus points there. And a cool story behind the name. It's a SweetSpot blog founded by two women in 2011 (what was it about that year?) who still own the blog today. They both worked for SABR (one is currently president of the Cleveland chapter) and that informs the site. They're also both published writers so the writing quality is high. One of their writers lives in the GTA. (Trader!) They have sections for Franchise Records and Contracts.

Recent post title: Guess His Arm Wasn't Better but Tribe Win Anyway


Tribe Time Now Podcast

Something that's really cool is that the latter two blogs have partnered with Burning River Baseball to create a podcast. Sometimes all three blogs do a round table. Sometimes one or two of the blogs will take the week with special guests. I don't believe I've seen this level of collaboration around major blogs in the same market before.

Extra Special Bonus:

Major League Bastian

Jordan Bastian, the Cleveland beat writer, used to cover your Toronto Blue Jays from 2005-2010. In the 2010 offseason, just as things were getting interesting here, Anthony Castrovince gets bumped up to columist at, opening up the Cleveland gig, He left us for family reasons, which also kept him from coming back here the last couple of years. He's also a distance runner and he used to post his times on his twitter account until MLB told him it had to just be baseball. He then set up a twitter account for those who wanted to follow his times. (Sadly, I can't easily search my follows.)

Jordan has the ability to jinx no-hitters - although I will never forgive him for refusing to jinx one that was going against the Jays.

I still miss chatting with him over twitter. While Gregor's done a good job as his replacement, Jordan was the best.