Monday, June 13, 2016

The sane Os fan

This was initially going to be about their tears but when I went to Orioles Hangout I found a really interesting conversation going on after the game that I'd like to share.

The sane fan's name is Sessh. They start by replying to this comment:
I hope whoever from our team cracks a HR of Grilli later this season pimps the hell out of it. What an ass he is.
And the discussion begins. You can imagine the push back so I'll just post his responses.
Yeah someone should drill Davis with some heaters for pimping every home run he ever hits, too.  CD is such an ass.
He stands there and watches it for a few seconds.. every single time. So does practically everyone that hits a home run. Winning game seven of the WS would mean benches clearing celebration, jumping into the catcher's arms and everyone hugging and jumping around. He did a fist pump and a "Yeah!", so what? I just don't get why this stuff bothers people so much.
So... F'in.. what. The Orioles hitters should have made him pay by winning the game then. Some guys are just like that and wear their emotions on their sleeves out there. All it tells me is how much this game meant to Toronto to win the games. All of their relievers were pumped. I don't see how it's showing anyone up in the slightest.
What? lol You think he was celebrating someone else's failure as opposed to his success of striking someone out and getting out of a bad situation with the win? Why approach this from the perspective of a victim? Sorry, I just don't care about this stuff. I'd rather see guys showing emotion than being stiffs. Fist pumping after a home run is not something anyone generally does after hitting a home run. Bat flips, sure, happens all the time in every league in the world. Weiters has bat flipped on several occasions but no one complains about that. You will be waiting a long time if you're expecting any of this to disappear.
There is a difference between being emotional and showing someone up. One is usually a second nature reaction and a release of sorts and the other is an intentional "in your face" action. Huge difference.
I've seen it from every team in baseball. People hate the Toronto organization and I certainly share in that, but when it all boils down to it, I love baseball as a game including the emotional reactions on the field most of the time. I enjoy seeing that emotion boil over in players out there because it reminds me just how much is at stake out there and just how much these players love playing the game. I've never hit a home run or gotten a big strike out in a crucial situation in an MLB game and have no idea what that's like, but I can get an idea through watching the player reactions. Personally, I love that stuff whether it's done by the Orioles or not. I think emotions are a big part of professional sports and so long as they do not manifest in a destructive way (like Ventura for example), I could care less and love to see it nor do I think this part of the game should be hidden or suppressed. I don't want to see robots, I want to see guys having fun out there and showing it. I have no problem with it at all most of the time regardless of what team does it.
Obviously he doesn't love us but he gets it. We're the bad boys of baseball apparently because most our guys (don't worry Tulo, I'm not talking about you) wear their emotions on their sleeves. It's a part of what makes them great players. Most Jays fans see that. Now if we could only get this into the Texas/KC/Shitbirds clubhouses...