Monday, June 20, 2016

Something to dream on

So a month ago, Jays land was a pit of despair. They were wandering in the desert.The offence was anemic and the bullpen was coughing up every lead. The bullshit in Texas happened and then to add insult to injury, they were swept at home by the Rays.

Then the team went to Minny and got into the sunshine, literally. The dome was opened. The offence started showing signs of life. The bullpen started to have some good outings. Things started to turn a corner. We've seen the return of the 2-out hit, the clean inning, scoring runners, hitting bombs.

Someday I hope there's a study on the effects on only playing under lights for an extended period of time. The Jays sure did a lot of it the first couple of months.

Even though it was a tough loss to lose the series in Baltimore, there's a lot to feel good about. Stroman's struggling now but Dickey's getting stronger so the rotation is still holding solid. Edwin and Saunders are on fire, Travis is finding his groove, Russell found his, Tulo's back and looking better, The bullpen is having more clean innings and is not the dumpster fire it used to be.

A month ago I gave you a thread to bitch. Now I'm giving you a thread to celebrate. Let's talk about all the good things we've been seeing from the team lately.