Thursday, June 9, 2016

#TBT Beatdown in Beantown

June 12, 2015. The dump known as Fenway. The men of my family are sitting near the monster. I'm sitting at home with my mom watching it on tv because girls aren't allowed to go. Ya'll were very supportive.

It didn't look good early on. Drew Hutchinson gave up 5 runs in the first. Jays get one back in the second. Hutch gives up 3 more in the third. Everyone at AS gives up. Bo Schulz comes in and does yeoman's work, pitching 2 & 2/3 innings of scoreless ball. Jays manage to score 3 in the 5th. Steve Delabar, in one of his last good outings as a Jay, holds the Sux scoreless in the 6th.

4 runs still feels like a big hole but it is the pinball machine and the 2015 offence. Then the thing happened that no one expected. The glorious 7th inning.

I'll hand the description over to Shi Davidi:
The Blue Jays batted around and scored nine times without making a single out – the first team to accomplish that since the Red Sox plated 12 against Cleveland on May 7, 2009, according to Elias.  
It went like this: Kevin Pillar single; Goins RBI double; Reyes RBI single; Donaldson infield single to third baseman Pablo Sandoval, who might have had a play had he fielded it cleanly; Jose Bautista RBI single; Edwin Encarnacion single; Chris Colabello run-scoring grounder that Sandoval couldn’t handle for an E5; Martin three-run triple; Justin Smoak two-run homer.
Facing Barnes, Junichi Tazawa and Tommy Layne, they were like a pack of coyotes ripping apart a carcass.

Yes, Osuna gave up a run in the 8th and Cecil gave up one in the night in getting the save, but it didn't matter. The wind had gone out of the Massholes. I had wondered about the safety of the menfolk but my dad tells me that after that inning they were booing their own players and were angry at their team, not ours.

It was their 9th win in a row and they would go on to sweep the series, scoring 31 runs in the process. (Thanks joke stadium!) In the process, giving us a taste of what the team was capable of.