Monday, June 27, 2016

Guide to the Colorado Rockies blogosphere

There's not a lot of stuff out there in Rockies land. The Onion even talked about it in reference to Rockies Report. But here's some to check out.

Purple Row

The SB Nation blog named after the row of seats at Coors that designate a mile above sea level. We've already talked about them a bit in regards to Tulo. They consider their strength to be their minor league coverage, what they call Pebble Report. They have the Purple Dinosaur Podcast (no, it's not about Darwin Barney). And for some reason they call their weekly mailbag Football Friday. It's what you've come to expect from a SB Nation blog.

Recent post title: Football Friday: A scary tipping point for the Colorado Rockies looms
(Personally, I think they should have stuck with the url title - The Bachelorette Review)

Rockies Zingers

The ESPN Sweet Spot blog. They have a close relationship with the folks at Purple Row and seem to be the epicenter of Rockies fan info.  Their description of themselves: This is a site by Rockies fans for Rockies fans. There will be some analysis, some silliness, some critiques and some compliments. They don't seem to post every day but have a large and diverse writing staff. (Wait, I think I can relate.) They are active on twitter though. It seems to be similar to here, a community coming together with a SABR background to create a site.

Recent post title: The Truth About Rockies Pitching

Rox Walk Off

This site came about after the demise of Inside the Rockies to keep the community that had sprung up around that site together. (Wait, that sounds familiar too.) INR was started by MSM baseball writers when their day jobs disappeared. They wanted to have a mature conversation around baseball. It's not a large community but they do game threads and occasional other posts. Plus, how can I ignore another baseball blog that has decided to go the donation route?

Recent post title: Tropical Trouble

Some enterprising fan(s) have created Rockies Roster, a place to see the status of every player throughout the organization. It's updated daily. We could use one of these.