Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Night Spanish Guitar aka WTFJITH aka Game Treat x 2

Hello All,

It's time once again to break out your best (or worst) music choices to share with the class.

Looks to be a healthy mix of regulars and some fringe players for today's game.
Dabbles questioned the use of Rowley, as today's starting pitcher, in the previous thread. I tend to agree but Vermin Well made a good point about not showing the Yankees too much of our staff.

There won't be many more days for me to complain about the lack of televised Spring Training games, so I'm going to get it in while I can. WHAT THE HELL ROGERS???? You cheap bastards, show us how crappy our team is going to be!!!! You've already only sold half the season tickets as last year (13k is half of 20k #newmath)!!! It can't hurt to throw up a couple games on the weekend at least, can it???? Apparently it can. No game on tv today or tomorrow, radio listeners enjoy.

Random weekend thought. Anyone wonder where Brett "the Redbull kid" Lawrie is these days? Well it turns out he is living in Arizona and has gone completely insane. He was always kind of out there but he did an interview last month in Vancouver and needless to say, it does not appear as if Mr. Lawrie has all of his marbles. There's a summary piece over at Jays Journal if anyone would like to read the details.

Enjoy the weekend, get bent Rogers.