Monday, March 5, 2018

Combining Brews and Baseball: LF Brewery

That's a great tap handle.

For those that may already know about this, I'll apologize (kinda) for showing this, but those that don't, allow me to introduce to Left Field Brewery.  Whom I discovered only a few weeks ago while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

The company started back up in April 2013, is based out of Leslieville, and is founded by husband and wife duo of Mark & Mandie. They have a tap room and bottle shop that is open weekly and offer brewery tours on weekends. All of their beers have something baseball related to their names (will show some pics in a bit), and feature bats as a tap handle for bars to send their product to (as pictured above).  

Hard to hate on a dog named after an iconic park.

Now I'll be getting into the good stuff through some pictures borrowed from LF's website, their Instagram account, and whatever I can pull from google. 

Current Brews
Only throwing a few pics of what they appear to have currently available. 

Current roster. 

Crisp looking and golden colour. Me likey.

And you thought the dirt on the field was hard to get out of white pants

If you're having some trouble reading the print: "A close play that happens so fast you might miss it – or have to take a second look. Bang-Bang is a refreshing sour that pops with freshly sliced lemon, papaya, sour candy, tangerine and hints of pineapple from the Citra, Simcoe and Cascade dry hop. A fruity, tropical hop punch and crisp, tart finish make Bang-Bang the perfect refresher, worthy of a replay."

They seem to feature their anniversary brew every year with a new number.

Nice nod to a legend. Wonder if RADAR ever saw him play live? Hmm...
That oatmeal brown flavour sounds funky. Name's fitting I guess

Had to put this one in with the caption to spark a few laughs the first line might generate.

 I'm going to stop at this point since I don't want to try and crash anyone's phone or computer with more pictures, but if you want to see their full roster of brews (past, present, and what's currently in season/on rotation) click here.  They've got quite the assortment of stuff that (IMO) is cool just by names alone. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can score some of this stuff at the LCBO, try and convince my girlfriend to go take a tour one day, and demand that Shapiro start putting this stuff in the stadium if it isn't in there already.