Saturday, March 31, 2018

no. three 2018: Yankees (2-0) at Blue Jays (0-2)

Saturday 31 March 2018
4:07PM EDT / Rogers Centre / Toronto ON
C.C. Sabathia (LHP 0-0 0.00 0K 0.00) v. Marco Estrada (RHP 0-0 0.00 0K 0.00)


tough sleddin' right out of the gate for our beloved Blue Jays, eh? although last night's effort was certainly an improvement. still, that sonofabitch Tanaka -- he'll get his, someday. mark my words.


Noah Rothbaum of "The Daily Beast" has authored a thoroughly delightful history of two things near and dear to me: beer and baseball. well worth your time. if reading ain't your bag -- and let's face it, no one ever learned nothin' reading -- pop in simply to see the accompanying photograph. you will not be disappointed.

it saddens me to announce that Troy Tulowitzki is dead. he is survived by some combination of Yangervis Solarte / Gift Ngoepe / Aledmys Diaz. what a shame.

in "out of the frying pan and into the fire" news, C.C. "My Playmate" Sabathia takes to the mound this afternoon for the Yankees. i'm not sure the Jays have ever beaten him. if only there were a device of sorts connected to all the information on Earth...

note the Yankees' line-up features not one but two grown men named Tyler. this makes me giddy for the same reasons (in all likelihood) that no woman can stand my company longer than three or four months. also: who doesn't eat potato chips in bed, Martha? so ridiculous.

go get 'em, Marco. change-ups for all!

Toronto Blue Jays
LF Steve Pearce (R)
DH Josh Donaldson (R)
1B Justin Smoak (S)
3B Y. Solarte (S)
RF Randal Grichuk (R)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)
SS Aledmys Diaz (R)
C Luke Maile (R)
2B Gift Ngoepe (S)

New York Yankees
DH Neil Walker (S)
CF Aaron Judge (R)
RF G. Stanton (R)
SS Didi Gregorius (L)
C Gary Sanchez (R)
3B Brandon Drury (R)
LF Billy McKinney (L)
1B Tyler Austin (R)
2B Tyler Wade (L)

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