Friday, September 22, 2017

We need a Jays fight song

While I'm happy to see the end of Hooked on a Feeling (it was the Giants 2010 playoff song and I hated that we copied them), Fight for Your Right to Party and assorted Stones songs just aren't the right substitutes.

Thanks to Jason Grilli, this is my choice, cued up to the section that should be used:

I've been knocked down
I've been dragged out before
But you can't hold me
I pick myself up from the floor
Come on, give me more
I'm here and I've come here to win
I'll never give in
Keep up the fight
Yes, it needs to be redone to make it feel modern. But Gowan's been a member of Styx for a while now, they could do something. Or get a popular Canadian band to cover it in a stadium style. But dooooo it!