Friday, October 21, 2016

Your turn to be the President and General Manager

Within 24 hours of the Blue Jay's season ending, there was an explosion of media opinions wondering " what's next for the Jays?" Unlike previous years, when there were obvious holes to fill like obtaining starting pitching, shoring up the bullpen, who's gonna play left field, the questions in this off season are different.

  Shapiro has said no decision about re-signing Bautista or Encarnacion can be made until the budget is set. At BJN, Stoeten ponders, among other things, the changes at Rogers, the revenue and content produced by Rogers Media division and what it all means for the Jays going forward. I want your opinions on what you think will happen to the budget going forward.

  Dave Cameron at Fangraphs has already produced at lot of talk in the previous comment section about a Jays rebuild. The Jays are getting older. More injury prone? Do you think that the Jays need to get younger? Should they be rebuilding?

  Jeff Sullivan at the very same Fangraphs makes his case against the idea of a rebuild. Experts from the same ilk, with well thought out opposing viewpoints. The starting pitching excelled and is still intact. The bullpen gave up zero runs in the ALCS. Do you think that the Jays can make a run to the playoffs without rebuilding? What is needed to remain playoff contenders?

 Fidlin in the Sun try's to understand who to re-sign and who to say goodbye to. Who should be the back up catcher? Who's going to be the first baseman if you don't or can't re-sign EE? Do you think starting pitching should be traded to acquire outfield offence?

 The commenters here at JITH know their stuff. Time to put your collective brain power to work. What's your opinion? You be the president and do what's best to get the Jay's to the World Series in 2017.