Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday: Jays News and Views.

  Stoeten at BJN posts about the TV ratings for Sunday's game 3 of the ALDS. Aaaand they're massive. 4.73 million average audience, a peak of 7.03 million and 10 million watching at some point of the broadcast. That's a lot of eyes, over a quarter of the country, reminiscent of September 2015 when Sportsnet was the number 2 network in Canada, largely because of your Blue Jays. I'm not sure if I agree, that this might increase the chances that Edwin or Jose gets signed by the Jays, but you can be damn sure that payroll won't be going down in 2017. Laurence would be shipping Eddie Rogers to Vodafone if that happened. It also suggests that it'd be hard for the Jays to be considered a "small market team" by anyone. No more 31 million dollar handouts from MLB.

  Joanna writes about Clevelands racist/clown mascot at Hum and Chuck. She links Pedro doing this. Un-fucking-believable. In her piece we find out why Jerry Howarth won't use Cleveland's nickname and how Jamie Campbell will follow suit. I'm not one to get into the politics of everything but even I agree, the time for this shit to die, is long over due. Digging the Viking video with the throat singing at the end of her post. Head over and give it a look.

 Officially, Estrada has been named Game 1 starter. Unofficially, according to a CP article at Sportsnet, Stroman game 2, Happ Game 3,Dickey game 4, errr, Sanchez game 4. Devon Travis is expected to be ready to go for game 1 and Liriano available on Saturday, after his league mandated, concussion protocol, DL time has elapsed. Going to be fun with guessing the playoff roster. Will Pompey be on it? Will Uncle Loupy's wild ride be replaced by Liriano? Will the cold in Cleveland cause for a Gibby's Mumu sighting? Curious times need answers.

  Interesting tidbit from the Sun article about Pompey at the end of the page.
"Behind the Chicago Cubs’ 57 victories at Wrigley Field, the Indians tied the Los Angeles Dodgers and Rangers for the second-most home wins in baseball this season with 53. Cleveland held an impressive plus-105 run differential at Progressive Field, but were minus-four on the road. The Blue Jays were plus-38 at the Rogers Centre and an impressive plus-55 away from home."

  CBS has 3 writers picking Cleveland taking the series, with 2 taking the Jays. Defense should be prominent during the series, with the two top run prevention teams in the AL battling it out. How do you defend a homerun anyways? Unleash the Kraken. Defends this, ya fucking racists.

  While we're at it, what does your ALCS playoff roster look like?

 With the Jays on fire so far in October, let's hope none of them wanders down to the Cuyahoga River.