Monday, October 24, 2016

Glass Half Empty

Honestly, I think the team has a lot of potential. But for fun let's discuss some reasons why your 2017 Toronto Blue Jays will fail to make the postseason. Take these points with several grains of salt.

1. How will the TBJ replace 200+ RBI's from Edwin and Jose?

2. Happ and Estrada have nowhere to go but down.

3. Stroman needs a bounce-back year.

4. Russell Martin is old and cannot throw anyone out. And prone to long stints of slumps.

5. Jose is not coming back, so the outfield is Carrera, Pillar and Upton. That's the worst offensive OF in baseball. MUJ is just terrible.

6. The bullpen is thin. Outside of Osuna and Biagini, who's reliable?

7. These guys are not getting any younger.

8. How good are the Red Sux gonna be next year?

9. Where's the man in white? Our offense dropped from #1 to #9 in MLB in 2016.

10. Can Tulo, Dosh, Travis, Martin all stay healthy?

On the plus side the starters (minus RAD, who went the way of MB into obscurity) are amazing, the team has Tulo and Dosh, and bringing in Votta can help replace some of those RBIs... I think signing JB would be a disaster (remember Price?) and investing on EE is a smart calculated risk. Give SRF a shot, also Zeuch and Rowdy. Trade Saunders for a bag of baseballs. Start selling craft beer at the Rogers Centre.

Go Jays Go!