Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The morning after the night before.

Well that's a deep hole that the Jays have dug themselves into. What started out, with conditions as promising as could be, Bauer bleeding all over his uniform and the field. The Jays and the band formerly known as the Kraken, are in the position that precisely one team in 115 years has overcome. Only one team in baseball, has come back from an 0 an and 3 record, in a 7 game series, to win the final 4 games, that team, the 2004 BoSox. Not only that, but according to Cathal Kelly , "In more than 80 per cent of series in which a team goes down three-games-to-none, they are swept."

There's no way to sugar coat it, it doesn't look good for the home nine. Analysis of what's going wrong will certainly point to the bats going cold, or Clevelands pitching with the bullpen and Miller dominating or the lack of an effective two strike approach or the manager failing to take advantage of a wounded pitcher or expectations of 4th outfielders to produce like stars or hidden injuries or aging superstars that are past their prime. Lots of stories, lots of narratives and perhaps an opportunity lost.

Before the post mortem, there's still a game to play. The Jays send the AL's ERA Champ, Sanchez, to the bump. That's good. The Clevelands send the guy who's already won the first game in this series, Kluber. That's not so good. But the Jays have beaten Kluber already this year and it is baseball, where nothing surprises me. So let's win this one, hand the ball to Acestrada, win that one, and try to be the second team to come back from an 0-3 hole.

For those who require a Zen moment, may I refer you to a way to relieve your stress, with the Gibby White Noise Machine.