Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's all over! And it's been a hell of a ride.

Cartoon Mushroom House

So it's been quite a year and it's all over!( this time for realises ).

Let's take a little look back before we look forward.

First and foremost, I'd like to address one of the biggest events that occurred this year. Due to complications beyond any of our control, it was necessary for this new site to be created by MK. Her fear, was that the commenting community of BJN/DJF would disperse and disappear. She cared. Using her time and talent, she let us all stay together for, so she thought, what was a temporary situation. Without getting into the politics of it all, I would like to express my gratitude to her and for her guts and determination. Thank you also to GSMC, for stepping up, digging into his pocket and paying for the dot com address. To the rest of you, who have donated to the site or bought things through the Amazon link, thank you also. Take a bow. This is not a solicitation, it's some well deserved recognition for all involved.

Finally, a thank you, from me to all of you, for allowing me to read your thoughts about the Blue Jays.Your insights, your gifs, your links, your videos challenge me, entertain me and allow me to waste a lot of valuable, fucking time. As a blogger I know used to say, a crotch grab for all you commenters. ( Can I say that? Isn't that what got Trump and Billy Bush in trouble?)

 New Stuff

Stoeten posts at BJN that Shapiro announced that Gibby's back next year. He was already under contract, having disposed of his rolling option, he'll be entering his lame duck year. Should he be extended before it expires? Also in the post, probably to the chagrin of his agent, Edwin has said his first choice in free agency, is Toronto.

CBS Sports has a piece about Jose's " shaking in his boots" comment about Cleveland starter Ryan Merritt, from the Cleveland players standpoint. They were quite aware of it and seemed to be a focal point after the game, so I suspect during the game also.

From The Score , I don't know exactly how to feel about Shapiro going to the Cleveland locker room and congratulating the players and staff for winning the pennant. Classy move? Awkward timing perhaps? I don't blame him for doing it but could ya wait until the celebration dies down a bit. Maybe it's just me, but it feels a bit funny.

Arthur at the Star talks about a Jays team that made a lot of people care again.There will be more to dissect over the next while but for now let's enjoy the fact that the Jays had a hell of a season and now it's all over!

I can hardly wait to see what the 2017 version of the Jays will be.