Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What was that???

I've been watching baseball for 40 years and I saw two things last night I've never seen before.

The first is above - Chris Coghlin doing his impression of an gymnast to score a run. A move only previously seen in the movies. MLB will probably swiftly move to make this illegal so it may never happen again. But man, the execution of the roll? Beautiful.

Here's the play and Coghlin talking about it to the MLB network afterwards.
The second was seeing a Blue Jays pitcher pinch hit for extra bases. According to the stats, no Jays pitcher has ever had a pinch hit. No AL pitcher has had an extra base hit since 1971, which was the year before the DH was instituted.

Here it is:
Needless to say, this pumped up the Jays, who already had seen the Coghlin play and had the shock of seeing Russell Martin start at third base.

Even Dosh got into the spirit of things.

This being 2017, they lost the lead 3 times before pulling it out. Stro's hit was in the 11th inning (can we stop the extra inning madness already?) and came around to score the winning run, which seems fitting. As Fowl pointed out:
Stroman (6) scores the 6th run for the 6th win.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Estrada's multiple Houdini acts. Man's a beast. And he had something to say about last night's craziness too:

Can this be that turnaround point we've been waiting for? The baseball gods wouldn't be so cruel as to have had these last few crazy games and leave us out in the wilderness, would they?

As a reminder:
One of my friends posted on twitter (then quickly deleted) that everything that happened in the first two Major League movies has happened to the Jays in this season. Does this now mean an improbable run for the pennant?