Friday, April 14, 2017

Simple Piece of Advice

Don't stand up in the 9th inning when your team is behind!

I'm sure everyone will disagree with me but hear me out.

It's tradition to stand up in the top of the 9th when your closer is on the mound to get the final out. Hell yes! Celebrate that. Your team has battled and is one out away from being victorious. But standing up when your team has played from behind all night and are mounting a last ditch rally? Cheer the shit out of that, yes, but for god's sake, sit your ass down.

Here's an example.

Last night, it's the bottom of the ninth, one out. Runners on first and second. Zach Britton on the mound. You know, the guy who didn't blow a save at all last year? And the entire stadium stands up. Well, except for me because I'm superstitious and I know that's bad Juju. Why? Because that's the respect you show to the winner. The team wasn't winning, the opponents were. I don't know exactly what happened when Pillar got out but the crowd was disappointed.

Then, with two outs, the crowd starts clapping! What? You're clapping Britton? You're giving him the same thing you'd give your own pitchers in this situation. You want to support the batter? Try a good ol' "Let's Go Blue Jays" clapping pattern instead.

Seriously folks, it's as bad as doing the wave when Jose Bautista is up. (Which also happened in the 7th last night.) Know the situation and behave accordingly.