Thursday, April 27, 2017

nos. 21 / 22 2017: Blue Jays (6-14) at Cardinals (9-11)

Thursday 27 April 2017
1:45PM EDT + 7:15PM EDT / Busch Stadium

Mat Latos (RHP 0-0 7.20 1K) v. Carlos Martinez (RHP 0-3 4.76 31K)
Casey Lawrence (RHP 0-2 7.56  6K) v. Adam Wainwright (RHP 1-3 6.27 22K)

Everything that needs saying re. Tuesday's cavalcade of whimsy has been said. So, there.

Of Note: What? Okay, fine, I dialled it in. I had a fun piece ready to go yesterday 'til weather happened, for what it's worth. Shut up and eat your gruel! Oh: and go get 'em (twice), lads!

Breaking News: attention cord-cutters and skin-flints -- Game One is MLB-TV's "Free Game o' the Day".

This is your game thread: "Old-Time Double Header" Edition.