Wednesday, April 19, 2017

no. 14 2017: Red Sox (9-5) at Blue Jays (2-11)


Wednesday 19 April 2017
7:07PM EDT / Rogers Centre
Rick Porcello (RHP 1-1 7.56 18K) v. Francisco Liriano (LHP 0-1 9.00 11K)

Journal, Day Two: there can be no denying this affliction of mine is tied to the Jays' fortunes -- as they reached base or cashed-in runners last night, the aches, fever and fatigue would temporarily ease.

Curious, I sent a DNA swab along with a letter explaining the situation across town via bike courier this morning to Public Health Canada whereupon a representative informed me by telephone that I am suffering from "clownicus garbageitis"; or, put simply, the shutting down of ones biological defence network and its attendant impact on welfare, sensibility, etc. the result of growing fed up with ones favourite team. The representative assured me it will pass, however, provided the Jays turn the season around and/or I develop interests outside baseball such that my enjoyment of the game no longer hangs on wins and losses alone.

Sadly, dear reader, I now fear the worst for all of us.


Toronto Blue Jays
Kevin Pillar (R) CF
Ezequiel Carrera (L) LF
Jose Bautista (R) RF
Kendrys Morales (S) DH
Troy Tulowitzki (R) SS
Russell Martin (R) C
Justin Smoak (S) 1B
Darwin Barney (R) 3B
Devon Travis (R) 2B

Boston Red Sox
Dustin Pedroia (R) 2B
Andrew Benintendi (L) CF
Mookie Betts (R) RF
Hanley Ramirez (R) DH
Mitch Moreland (L) 1B
Xander Bogaerts (R) SS
Chris Young (R) LF
Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B
Sandy Leon (S) C

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