Monday, June 10, 2024

Game #66 Toronto Blue Jays (32-33) @ Milwaukee Brewers (38-27)


An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are working at the top of a tall building and stopped to eat their packed lunches sitting high on a girder.

The Englishman looks at his sandwiches and says "Bloody hell, cheese and onion sandwiches...for the past twenty years all my wife’s ever made me is bloody cheese and onion sandwiches".

The Scotsman says “Aye, same here! Every day for years it’s been ham and fucking mustard".

The Irishman adds "Aar jeezus - sure it’s the same for me - almost twenty years of feckin' egg and cress every day".

They make a pact - if they get the same fillings the next day they will commit suicide.

The following day the Englishman opens his lunchbox and sees cheese and onion - so he throws himself off the building.

The Scotsman goes next - when he sees ham and mustard sandwiches he does the same and throws himself off the building.

Finally, the Irishman opens his bag and, upon seeing egg and cress sandwiches again, falls to his death.

At the funeral the grieving wives are talking. The Englishman’s wife laments that "If George had only said he wanted a different filling for his sandwiches i would have happily made something other than cheese and onion".

The Scotsman’s wife agrees, saying “I only made it so often because I knew it was Hamish’s favourite".

The Irish wife sobs that she "Just can’t understand it.”

When the other women try to comfort her, assuring her that none of them could have known, the Irishman’s wife explains,

“No, I don’t understand because Paddy always made his own sandwiches".