Saturday, June 1, 2024

Game #57 Pittsburgh Pirates (26-31) @ Toronto Blue Jays (27-29)


A guy sits down at a bar and overhears a conversation.

MAN I - I love your accent where are you from?
MAN II - Oh, I am from Ireland.
Man I - No foolin' I am from Ireland too. I'm buying you a Guinness!

The man at the bar thinks thats interesting and listens further.

Man II - Where in Ireland are you from?
Man I - Dublin
II - No foolin' I am from Dublin too! I am buying you a Guinness!
I - What part of Dublin are you from?
II - South West Dublin
I - NO Foolin'! I'm from South West too! I'm buyin' you a Whiskey!!

The man at the bar is getting a little annoyed. The conversation continues...

II - What street did you grow up on?
I - I grew up on Grey Street.
II - I GREW UP ON GREY STREET TOO!! I'm buyin' you a Whiskey!!!

The man at the bar is over it and asked the bar tender what the hell is going on here? The bar tender says

"Oh, that's the O'Shawnacy twins, and they are drunk again."