Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The First Annual JITH Over Under Challenge

It is that time of year again.  Spring brings with it the gift of infinite possibilities.  We sit huddled through short days and long winter nights in anticipation of all the potentialities a new season offers.

With that, I present to you, the first annual Jays In The House Over Under Challenge (JITHOUCH), or as I refer to it.....OUCH. 

The mission is clear.  Utilize all your knowledge and predictive acumen (i.e guess) what milestones our beloved Jays will reach throughout the course of a regular season. 

Rather than make individual player predictions, you are instead tasked with predicting the stat itself.

For example, one category will be home runs.  Yours truly will set the line, and you, my respected nest mates, will predict whether the level reached will be higher or lower than my prediction.   If the line is 35 homer runs, you simply decide whether the most homers hit by an individual player will exceed or fall short of 35.  

You then continue that for all offensive and pitching / defensive categories.  I will do my best in setting the lines at a 50/50 percentage of occurrence, however, I am not a professional odds maker so have mercy on me!

Finally, there is the TEAM TOTAL WIN category.  First decide if it will be over or under 75, then pick a number between 0-162 for tie break purposes.

The categories will be numbered.  Simply type the number on your post and then type Over or Under next to the number.  The scores will be tallied and results published at year's end.

Only qualifying players stats will count for the percentage results (such as batting average / ERA) and if a player is traded to or from the Jays, their entire season stats will count.  Sorry, but it's the luck of the draw. 

I am using some old school stats that I realize aren't the most accurate reflection of player performance, however this is for fun folks.  I'm not trying to turn this into a SABER competition

Perhaps we can get together as a group and cobble together a prize for the winner or top 3 scores?

Note that ONLY replies contained within THIS POST will count as we will not be perusing multiple different posts for your submissions. 

Thanks..and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Offensive Categories Individual
                                        Over/ Under
1. Home runs                        30
2. RBI                                   100
3. Batting average              .290
4. OBP                                 .375
5. OPS                                 .910
6. Hits                                   180
7. Walks                                 85
8. Runs                                  90
9.  Stolen bases                    25

Defense / Pitching Individual
                                         Over/ Under
1.  Wins                                 15
2.  Saves                               35
3.  Strikeouts                      175
4.  ERA                               3.40
5.  WHIP                               1.2
6.  OF assists                       13

Team stat:
                                         Over/ Under
Total Team Wins                 75

Exact total wins             (0-162, only used as a tie break)

In case of a TIE ...Tie break will be Team WINS (whoever comes closest to the actual number)

I must admit, I've raised several of the offensive category thresholds simply because of Vlad Jr's existence (such as batting average).

Happy predicting and / or guessing!