Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Night Spanish Guitar aka WTFJITH aka Grapefruit Game #whatever aka Last of the season

Hello All,

It's time once again to break out your best (or worst) music choices to share with the class.

Its almost time! Time for fake baseball to end and real baseball to begin. And thank fuck for that.

The picture is becoming more clear as ST drags on with little to no surprises other than Dalton Pompey and his headbutting competition with a rack of bats (Which he lost spectacularly).

The bullpen looks to be the biggest weak spot on this squad but putting together a bullpen is like playing 1st base right? Tell em Wash:

Oh boy. Well at least Bo will....Vlad will be....fuck.

This will be my last Saturday Night Spanish Guitar aka WTFJITH for a while as by this time next Saturday, "meaningful" baseball will be being played. I am assuming by then we will have some sort of schedule for game threads/game recaps etc to take the place of these weekly silly posts.

Weekly Toast:
Here’s to people who don’t drink. We should all feel bad for them because when they wake up in the morning, That’s the best they’ll feel all day! - Dean Martin

And with that, he slinked off into the night.
Don't think I've posted this but if I have? I dunno, whatever.