Friday, January 20, 2017

From the comfy chair

Haven't done one of these for a while.

In a month, we'll be in spring training. In March, this site will celebrate it's 1st anniversary, which will make it eligible for Blue Jays Aggregator. I've also heard a lot of comments about wanting good quality writing. So I want to start thinking ahead while things are still slow.

First things first, I always want this site to be open to first-time writers. The reality is that writers become good writers through writing. I also haven't been disappointed by any of the content that we've had here. All of you who have written, bravo. You pushed through your self-doubt and created something wonderful. We're always our own worst critics. So if you want to write, let me know.

In that vein, I want to encourage you who haven't written in a while to try again. We're here for you and we always need content. If you need suggestions on what to write, ask the group.

Thank you so much to the writers who have been stepping up in the off-season - RADAR, Smasher, Bill, Tom Jackson, Morgan Burton before he headed off to Thailand. You guys are life-savers.

For my own writing, I'm enjoying doing the throwback Thursday posts. It's fun finding out where people are now. I'm also going to do blogosphere posts when we play the NL teams. And the Party Weekend threads. That's all I'm willing to commit to.

Morgan Burton will be back doing Power Rankings on Tuesdays. I'd like to reserve Fridays for comedy posts - Smasher, Wolf, Bill, this is where I see you guys fitting in plus anyone else that would like to take a crack at it.

That leaves post slots available for Mondays and Wednesdays. If we're desperate for writing we could always go to Hump Day posts on Wednesdays but with the Aggregator coming up I'd rather have content in that slot.

The other thing that is needed is someone (or someones) to take on the game threads. (Do you still want to call them threats?) They can be done in advance and then updated when more info becomes available. If you want lineups, we can figure out how that can be done.

So let's start talking about it.


Today is a major event in the US and I was asked about opening up the site to political discussions. I'm not willing to do that. However, this new world being ushered in is scaring a lot of people and it would be negligent in my opinion not to provide support for members here that need it. This is a community and we are here to support each other as well as talk about baseball.

So the rule of thumb I'm instituting is that you can talk about how political events are personally affecting you and how it is making you feel. Nothing larger picture. No one gets to tell anyone else how to feel or that their feelings are silly or wrong.

I think this is a workable solution but I am interested in your thoughts.