Thursday, January 19, 2017


Bautista's deal is official! Tim Raines is in the Hall of Fame! Happy days are here again.

If you missed it, here's no cramps13's latest poem:

- A Sonnet, Doggonit

T he joys that you give us will last and last
H ow about everyone tip their hats
A s we take a moment to praise the past
N ot many are better! Thanks Joey Bats!

K ing of the Home run two years in a row
S ilver Slugger thrice, an all-star six years
J ays all-time in walks, one seezin, you know.
O nce All star vote leader, let's hear those cheers

E ach angry home run a joy to behold
Y ou gave it to Texas, gave them a flip
B oy, that seventh inning ,glorious gold
A nd to hell with that oppossum dipship.

T he Jays fans are glad you are back in Blue
S o Thanks Joey Bats, and Welcome Back too!

Let's celebrate.