Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dog Days of the Off Season, Seeking a Sign

It seems there is very little Jays news anywhere. Wilner has been on vacation. Davidi has just left to do the same. Many of the major blogs have little to no content. With so many of the regular sources going off the grid and even the Aggregator running dry, it seems we need something to remind us of the Grand Old Game.
Ahhhh, Joanna to the rescue. Hum and Chuck has a piece about the uncertain direction the front office is taking. I would suspect that Shapiro has a plan. He should have the final numbers on the budget. So does anybody out there have a feeling as to what the direction they are heading in?
MLBTR thinks the Jays need some corner outfielders, a left hander reliever and maybe a right handed reliever seeing there's not much depth after Osuna, Grilli and Biagini.
So what do you think? Is Biagini going to Buffalo to get stretched out? Is Pearce/Smoak the opening day first baseman? Or does Tellez get a shot? Is Pompey on the team opening day? Jimenez is out of options, does he make for a cheap back up to Martin? Does Shapiro trade somebody off the major league roster to fill the holes or trade a prized prospect? Alford was added to the 40 man so he wouldn't be exposed to the rule 5 so I guess they're keeping him.
What direction do you think the Jays are heading? Youth? Competitive team? Playoff team?
Somebody point me the way.