Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Brett Cecil's Market (Over) Value

His nickname is "Goggles"... Get it?

There's been a lot of hand-wringing amongst some fans over the idea of re-signing long-time Blue Jay Brett Cecil, AKA Goggles (I never liked that nickname), but you can forget about another one year deal, as he enters free agency for the very first time, and as according to Ben Nicholson-Smith:

“I’ve asked a lot of people about this in the last few weeks just how many years Brett Cecil is going to get,” says Nicholson-Smith. “And it’s surprising at first glance, but the answer I keep hearing from people is that he won’t have trouble getting three years.“I know he’s struggled at times this year, but I’ve become convince that he’s not going to have trouble landing a three-year deal and I think it’d be north of $20 million.”
- Sportnet's Ben Nicholson-Smith
I think many of us view Cecil through rose-coloured goggles (see what I did there?)... Yes, he's been with the team for 10 years, he played alongside Halladay through lean years, and he often did the Winter Tours. Hey, he was even an All-Star one year! (so was Steve Delabar).

But realistically he has had a very up and down career with the team, compounded by on and off-field injuries (remember the chicken and blender incidents?), which leads me to hope that he signs elsewhere. He ended the year great, but was terrible in the first half. I don't trust him anymore. 7MM+ for 3 more years seems like a lot of cake for this old unreliable lefty.

Go get paid Brett, go get paid, somewhere far, far away. Thanks for the memories.