Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back to baseball, What's Happening.

Hint: Rerun

People are nervous and angry and scared over recent events. The Jays were eliminated in the ACLS and Cubs won the World Series. It's a tops-turvy world we live in and it's full of unsuspected surprises. Never get out of the boat, another season's just around the corner, so let's see what's happening.

In the news from Captain Obvious, aka Chief Shill Shi Davidi, he claims after talking to Mark Shapiro that payroll will indeed be going up. I guess after a detailed presentation to the board, which included but was not limited to, an increase in attendance and leading the AL in that category, TV ratings that average over 1 million per broadcast, ticket prices rising for the 3rd year in a row, merchandise sold to every fucking person in Canada, Rogers is sticking it's neck out and realizes that the Jays might be something worth investing in. They also need the Jays to be relevant so they can give away more free advertising to make up the dismal ratings on the NHL broadcasts. Colour me shocked.

Monday November 14th is the deadline for Free Agents to accept their Qualifying Offer or reject it and negotiate with the rest of major league baseball. Bautista feels like he has unfinished business with the Jays and is open to playing any position. No shit Sherlock. There's no way he accepts the QO at age 36. No matter how his 2017 goes, his bargaining power will be diminished by waiting an extra year. Older, bat speed slowing and his shoulder seriously fucked, his best time to hope to sign a multi year deal is now .Edwin loves Toronto and wants to be back but does Shapiro want him back? Supposedly he's in talks with several teams and Atkins is saying all the right things while being non committal.

While everybody was pulling for Pillar to win a Golden Glove, he lost out that other Kevin guy in Tampa. Dakers over at BBB has one of those "seasons that was" piece on Pillar. I do wonder how much the thumb injury cost him on the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully the surgery he had to repair the damage, successfully heals with no complications. I hope his off season regime includes a visit to the optometrist, so he can improve his pitch recognition. C'mon Kevin, everybody in the god damn park knows the next pitch will be low and outside. Buy a clue.

As expected, A.J. Jimenez was added to the 40 man roster. He was out of options and added depth to an already depthless position. For those living under a rock,Morgan has his thoughts here. And somebody else added their two cents about it.

Bob Nightengale tries to put Smasher into a coma by tweeting that the Reds aren't moving Votto. If anybody happens to around FTS, please remove all sharp objects from the area.

Josh at BP speculates on some under the radar ( somebody say RADAR? lol. Ha, it never gets old. Okay maybe it does) moves that the Jays might consider. Included on the list is what seems to be the one everyone is talking about, Kendrys Morales. He declined his side of an 11.5 million option but wasn't given a QO so he won't be cheap but won't cost a draft pick either.

For those of you who are into Prospect Porn, here's something for you to view late at night, underneath the blankets, with a flashlight.John Manuel and Baseball America's Top 10 Blue Jays prospects.