Thursday, March 30, 2017

Your turn to prognosticate

It's nearly the end of Spring Training and everything looks rosy at this time of year As the follow up to Kris's great post, in honour of the upcoming JITH fantasy draft and because I know a few of you have an opinion, let's see what you soothsayers can foresee for the Jays 2017 season..

Who will win the Jays Top Starting Pitcher Award?

While the money is on Sanchez for a lot of people, I'm picking Liriano

Who will be the Jays MVP ( other than Donaldson)?

I could go with angry Bautista but my pick is Devon Travis.

The over/under is 8.What is the number of times Gibby gets thrown out of the game?

Easy one, over.

Who is the first player who gets called up first?

I'm going out on a limb and saying Tepera, 2nd choice Gurriel.

Jays win total?


Who will outperform their Zips projection by the biggest margin?

Pillar, 2nd choice Martin

Somebody predicted ( me ), that when Smoak signed his contract, he'd be the opening day starting first baseman, will he still be the main man at first at the end of the season?


Who will hit the most homeruns for the Jays this year?


I abhor making predictions, it's something I loathe but I thought I'd make an exception and have some fun. Perhaps we'll revisit this at year's end. Just for shits and giggles.
If you feel like adding any predictions of your own feel free. Go ahead, jump in, the water's fine.