Thursday, February 16, 2017

#TBT - Dunedin 1977 and some personal memories

My uncle, who died a week ago, and my aunt brought me back this coin from their trip to Dunedin in 1977. They made the trip every year until my aunt's health made it impossible to go.

This is the schedule that first year, printed on the back of that coin:

Yes, it was a simpler time.

Torontoist did this great roundup in 2013 about that first year. Kevin Glew also wrote in 2013 about the first spring training game at Cooperstowners in Canada.

As far as I know, my uncle never went back to Dunedin after she died in 1989 but he remained a die-hard Jays fan for the rest of his life. He and my dad attended the very snowy first home opener. I have vague memories of my aunt and uncle taking me to a game sometime in the first couple of seasons. Usually our family got the cheap tickets in the bleachers but that game I got to sit on the metal bench with my cushion near third base and was so excited about it.

I will miss our discussions about the team and about jazz, Uncle Ed.

(Did I mention he was a horn player in the style of Chet Baker?)