Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Slapdash Audio Free Game Threat: Follies @ Blue Jays

 I knew I'd eventually find a use for this beauty

Noticed that the Happy Birthday JitH thread was becoming rather bloated from a comments section perspective, and given that Rogers is actually going to try and cobble together some sort of a broadcast of today's proceedings, I figured what the hell, let's throw up a game threat. 

Lineup courtesy Jays' tweet box, and thanks to Dabble-dee-doo:

Sounds like the lads are gettin' a bit beat up. Nothing major yet, but Springer's out with ab tightness. Flamethrower Bryan Baker's out with some sort of elbow issue, and Merryweather's out for the week with lower back tightness. Injuries are always an issue over 162 games in the baseball. With regard to injuries in 2021, let's hope for:

Lots of this too please (obligatory Dabs GIF):

And if everything goes to shit (also obligatory Dabs GIF), we'll always have great dog GIFs:

Enjoy the game everybody! Link to it is here.