Saturday, December 5, 2020

Tunes n' Tarot


Welcome to another addition of Tunes n' Tarot!

This week's card is the Three of Bats: Single, Building Success. Getting a hit and getting on base is a good start. It helps your batting average and it gives you a chance to come around and score. As it is with this card, which is encouraging you to keep up the good work. You've started towards your goal. Or you're ready for a fresh start. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What relationship, project, or process is in its first stage?
  • How do I evaluate my progress?
  • Am I celebrating my small accomplishments as they come?
  • Do I know how to take the next step?
  • In what area do I feel I can't get ahead?
  • What am I going through or working on alone? (Remember, you need someone else to knock you in)
  • What idea am I bringing to life?
  • What dream would I like to act on?
For tunes, I have two to share. The first is one of my favourite Queen songs with a really fun video:

The other is possibly the great West Coast Swing dance ever performed: