Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Gratitude and Festivas


Festivus isn't until tomorrow, so save your grievances until then. I want to talk about how grateful I am for this community.

You guys are amazing. We've raised almost $1800 to help those in need among us. If you are in financial need, please email me at jithmk17@gmail.com. No shame in asking for help. We are all here to help. If you want to contribute but are waiting for payday (like me!) here is the GoFundMe link.

You've also been very supportive over the last 24 hours of craziness in my life. I appreciate you all so much for that.

I would love if along with airing your grievances you shared your blessings. It's been a very tough year, no doubt about it, but there's been some really wonderful things about it too. Let's remember both.