Thursday, July 13, 2017

Third annual pop-schlock vid-off

While the first two vid-off's happened the day after the all star game, due to bad planning on my part I won't be available that day. So this year it's on Thursday. There's still no baseball and ya'll are getting itchy.

The background for this event can be found in last year's post. Basically, it's to see who can top each other with the cheesiest vid or song. The 80s seem to be a good place to start for us old fogeys. The young un's can go with contemporary.

So I want to start us out with Ghostbusters. It's surprisingly hard to find since the vid is blocked for Canada, probably because of all the unpaid SAG actors in it. Go to this link. See if you can guess all the people appearing. You can read about the making of the vid here, where there's a partial list.

A reminder that the best way to navigate the thread is to click next to your name and select Hide Media. You'll still be able to click on any vid you'd like to watch and it won't slow it down to a halt.