Saturday, July 8, 2017

Glass Half Full

I'm saying there's a chance. pegs it at exactly 9% to make the playoffs.

I know our Jays are still 6 games below .500 and 5GB on a Wild Card spot, but Josh Donaldson is going to start playing like Josh Donaldson. Tulo will start hitting with RISP. Martin, Morales and Bautista are all capable of much more. And hey, our backup catcher, while decidedly not as easy on the eyes, can actually hit! (Poor Maile slashed .111/.111/.185).

And then there's the pitching. Estrada has been terrible of late. He's better than that. Liriano, as seen on Thursday night, is capable of keeping his team in it. Biagini should go back to the pen. Stroman, Sanchez and Happ will continue providing quality starts. And we have the best closer in baseball.

Now all we need is a 10 game win streak in July. That's all.

We still have a chance. It's too early to give up. Hang on for one more day.