Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hump Day Amateur Morning/Afternoon Entertainment

 Today is not your usual Hump-Day post.

2017 is a tumultuous season full of the odd highs and more cringey lows.

Injuries, under performances, more injuries, and more disappointments.

Plenty of us doubt the playoffs are coming this season and a blow up might occur as soon as August 2017 begins.

Whatever happens, just know that we had much fun with most of the crew that still stuck with our roster since 2015.

If I want to reveal my true identity to you all as "Earl Stroman's (Direction) (Muscle part)", I might as well do it with a Jays-related "BANG".

It was July 5th and I had a couple of sips (yes, I am shitty drinker) of alcohol to kill off my self-consciousness to make an ass of myself at Stouffville's Wolf Creek Golf.

My good friend did the honours to do this video of my feelings for this team's year and my appreciation of the good run we had with them:

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional actor and I did this in one take.  Don't blame me for not keeping a straight face*

Let's ride with these guys till the arrival of Vlad Jr., Bo Bichette, and ANY CAPABLE LF (aka the Teacher's position of the Dark Arts at Hogwarts). 

I trust the Shatkins regime right now (I'm still coughing crow feathers that Smoak became a GOD DAMN ALL-STAR!).   I am confident we can become a more consistent team with less holes in 2018.  Hopefully Sage Tulo and Elder Dosh can lead the new nest of chicks from the nest in 2019!

**If we some how qualify for the Wild Card in October 2017, I'll have to make a grander video than this one being shown.**