Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Hump Day Gratitude


Yes, it's the return of your favourite offseason thread!

(Yeah, I know it's WTFJITH. Humour me.)

I'm grateful that today I finally get surgery nailed down. I'm grateful for ball who use the Amazon link, which let me get new gloves for my sore hands, an alternate pillowcase for my body pillow, and a book to store my Mom's coin collection in. I'm grateful for the surprise income that came in from a blog post I did in 2010. I'm grateful my friend is treating me to Body Blitz tomorrow. I'm grateful for the Toronto Public Library who has kept me well stocked in books, graphic novels, cds, videos, and audiobooks. (I've read 169 books this year.) And I'm grateful for all of you.

What are you grateful for?