Friday, October 14, 2022

First Random Jays Thread After Season's End!

1985 Blue Jays Fire Safety Set

The old thread is getting jammed up with comments and is threatening to destroy lesser computers and phones.  Desperate times call for desperate measures so here is a new random thread.  It's still early in the off-season but hopefully most have had a chance to decompress and are feeling, if not better, then less angry about this year's elimination.  I was able to transfer my anger from the Jays to the Canucks, who managed to blow a 3-0 lead to lose their season opening contest.

There are lots of interesting storylines to consider for this off-season:

  • How will Atkins make this club take the next step?  It's a good club but not good enough to win it all unless they get lucky and everything falls right (and we squint?)
  • Will Kikuchi be back?  If he is, how will Dabbles react?
  • Is it time to move Bo to 2nd or trade him?  Who would replace him that would offer more value?
  • Can the club upgrade their Outfield and perhaps also optimize which players are at which positions?
  • Will the bullpen be strengthened to hopefully match up better with some of the stronger ones other clubs clearly had this year?
  • Can they risk not upgrading 1 or, hopefully, two of the #4 and #5 starters?
Things tend to slow down a bit around here over winter but hopefully folks will continue to show up to discuss baseball, a bit of hockey, and life in general.  I will definitely be posting some baseball card articles over the winter, starting with a discussion on the 1909-1911 T206 set, which boasts the rare, valuable, and notorious Honus Wagner card.