Thursday, March 12, 2020

Brave New World

This is kind of a gratitude post. Was too tired and up too late Tuesday to get one done. Then all the news yesterday about COVID19 precautions. NBA suspending their season. Possibly losing opening day. People having to cancel vacation plans. (Holy crap, it's spring break next week. So many plans - what's going to happen?) The vacillation between "oh, it's way overblown" and "do you want a repeat of the flu of 1919?"

So let's take this moment to be thankful for this community. Tom Jackson and the multiple dog gifs. Joe and his attempts to make us laugh. Mule stepping in to run the fantasy league. Everyone who has been participating in such great discussions around what's happening, posting music, and just stuff in general.
Boy is this vid a trip!

In the face of all of this, it's important to remember that as humans, we need to be touched. Please don't let all this fear deny you that simple pleasure.

I personally am grateful for those of you who used the amazon link for your Christmas shopping. The payout allowed me to indulge in my oracle card collecting and I received my newest deck (Matt Kahn's The Healing Mantra deck) on Tuesday.

I decided to pull a card for this community and I had to laugh at what came up.

Overcoming Fear: 
I will transcend every loss.

The description for the card says:
When fear is overcome, you are able to rest in the resilience of your soul, no matter how frustrated or inconvenienced your ego seems to be. You are able to embrace each obstacle and circumstance as life's auspicious way of helping you become the one you were always destined to be. In overcoming fear, every loss surely inspires a gain of insight for the evolution of your spiritual journey.  
This mantra is ideal for opening back up to life, healing chronic fatigue, and releasing cellular memories.
With all the fear we're being bombarded with right now, take care of yourselves and know we've got each other no matter what happens.