Monday, March 16, 2020

Adopt a MiLB player

Giving credit where credit is due. This book was how I learned how on the financial edge many minor leaguers are.

So lost in all the news was a discussion Friday night where RADAR posted this tweet:
I messaged the account to get more details on sponsorship. This is the reply:
Sponsorship is sending care packages, gift cards, maybe gear or equipment to a player in need. Full season commitment roughly 100 to 150 a month. (That's US$ and the commitment goes through August.)
Vermin asked how legit it is. I found this tweet (good luck seeing the images):
A little more research showed that it's spearheaded by this guy Michael Rivers. Royals Review interviewed him. Then I found this testimonial:
Manny B had an issue with this idea, which is one I think we all share:
The players don't get paid for spring training, and now there will be a delay until their first pay because of what's going on. 
The easiest solution is to give the players an advance. 
Re the need, we know how little low draft players receive to sign, many are in need even if there is no delay. For many, the need is always there. 
It's how the system is set up.
That's why Michael Rivers set up his org originally. It was already going before the virus stuff hit. We all know that it sucks and that the team should be taking care of this guys. However, they're not. We definitely need to do what we can to advocate for a better payment structure for them. The question is should we do anything else about the situation right now?

We spend a lot of time talking about the kids on the farm. We know all about the big bonus guys. They aren't the ones this org is trying to help. These are the guys who signed for $1000 and have to work in the off-season. These are the guys who have to have to eat food because it's cheap, not because it will improve their performance. These are the guys who are worried if they are going to make rent.

So the question I pose to you is, are there enough of us here to collectively sponsor a player? The donation system is already set up for the site so I could funnel all donations to purchase the gift cards or whatever else they need. The thing is that it's a financial commitment in a time of uncertainty. I just think it would be a cool thing to do. We'd get to know the player, do updates on him, maybe do an interview with him. And this site gets some visibility among the kids who toil in the minors. We could even tie it in with the podcast idea that's been kicking around forever.

A few people have already indicated they are in. We need a few more though to make the commitment to do the sponsorship. Is anyone else willing?