Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The 2018 Hall of Fame Announcement and Father-Son Combinations

National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown

2018 HOF Ballot

Congratulations go to:

๐Ÿ”ฅ Larry "Chipper" Jones (oh, he'll hate me for this)
๐Ÿ”ฅ Vladimir Guerrero
๐Ÿ”ฅ Jim Thome
๐Ÿ”ฅ Trevor Hoffman

Results: (% of vote, ballot, 2017 total)
C. Jones 97.2% (1st) 
V. Guerrero 92.9% (2nd, 71.7%) 
J. Thome 89.8% (1st) 
T. Hoffman 79.9% (3rd, 74.0%) 
E. Martinez 70.4% (9th, 58.6%) 
M. Mussina 63.5% (5th, 51.8%) 
R. Clemens 57.3% (6th, 54.1%) 
B. Bonds 56.4% (6th, 53.8%) 
C. Schilling 51.2% (6th, 45.0%) 
O. Vizquel 37.0% (1st) 
L. Walker 34.1% (8th, 21.9%) 
F. McGriff 23.2% (9th, 21.7%) 
M. Ramirez 22.0% (2nd, 23.8%) 
J. Kent 14.5% (5th, 16.7%) 
G. Sheffield 11.1% (4th, 13.3%) 
B. Wagner 11.1% (3rd, 10.2%) 
S. Rolen 10.2% (1st) 
S. Sosa 7.8% (6th, 8.6%) 
A. Jones 7.3% (1st)
J. Santana 2.4% (1st) 
J. Moyer 2.4% (1st) 
J. Damon 1.9% (1st) 
H. Matsui 0.9% (1st)
C. Carpenter 0.5% (1st)
K. Wood 0.5% (1st)
L. Hernandez 0.2% (1st)
Carlos Lee 0.2% (1st)
O. Hudson 0% (1st)
A. Huff 0% (1st)
J. Isringhausen 0% (1st)
B. Lidge 0% (1st)
K. Millwood 0% (1st)
C. Zambrano 0%  (1st)

- Bullshit.  Put Edgar into the Hall.  
- Yay for Vladdy!  Rub some of that magic onto Junior, huh? 
- Fuck off on giving Vizquel more votes than Larry Walker. 
- Next year will be Walker's penultimate appearance on the ballot - if he can make it to 50%, then he'll have a pretty decent chance of getting in through the Veterans Ballot as those who reach that level have historically had a high chance of getting in.  
- At least Walker appears to be making a big move upward -- it's essentially dead for Freddie McGriff who has spun his wheels, getting only a tiny bump up on his 9th ballot.
- The stench of being a colossal asshole seems to be slowly wearing off for Curt Schilling as he's gained about 6% in the vote.

From a Blue Jay fan perspective, this is phase one of a special relationship we'll be monitoring over the next 25 years or so -- the two Vladimir Guerreros.  As some may know, there has never been a father-son combination where both made the Hall of Fame as players.  I look forward to Vlad, fils doing his part to join Vlad, p
รจre as the first such combo.  Oh, it's happening!

On a related topic, Joe Posnanski has an interesting article where he looks into 10 father-son combinations where the father has made it into the Hall and the son has played in the bigs, as well as Roberto Alomar and Ken Griffey being the only sons (to date) of big league players to make the HoF.  I was surprised to see that there's only been two sons that have been enshrined.

Link: Fathers-sons and the Hall of Fame

Up next:  
Roy Halladay joins the ballot for the 2019 vote.  Will he get in on the first ballot?  Mariano Rivera also joins the ballot and he's an absolute lock to get in.  Edgar should get in next year, as well.  Todd Helton and Andy Pettite will get a little chunk of the votes, but neither should get in any time soon (if Walker isn't getting in, then Helton won't).  Oh, hey, and our old friend Vernon Wells will be eligible for the ballot, too.  He might get in just for the Bad Contract Hall of Fame category.