Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Even More Winter Meeting Mayhem

Lots of stories coming out of the winter meetings and for those of you who haven't read through the previous thread. Some highlights because I'm too lazy to compose coherent sentences.

  • Sale is a Bo Sux now. The price was steep, as it should be, for the guy who since 2012, was #1 in SO's and #1 in ERA. Griff writes that Gibby thinks the Jays starting five can go head to head with the Boston Five.
  • Chisholm among others has reported that, after getting rid of the rolling option in Gibby's contract, the Jays are giving Gibbons an extension beyond the 2017 season. It was to be announced at the Winter meetings but Gibby has the flu and didn't make the trip. It's been agreed to already and the signing is just a formality.
  • Stoeten notes, that the Jays maybe interested in Bautista. In a move supposedly initiated by Jose's agent, the two sides met and one rumour floated is a two year deal ( no numbers yet).
  • It seems that Boston has no interest in EE and signed Moreland for the one bag.
  • Another story has Bautista's agent sniffing around Baltimore and politely told to fuck off. They figured the fan base would kill the front office if they signed JB. I would imagine there are other teams around the league who have the same thoughts.
  • At BJN again, Stoeten writes about Iannetta being in the discussions to back up Martin. Iannetta or Navarro? Discuss
  • According to MLBTR the Jays have made a 4 year,60 Million offer to Dexter Fowler, in the same range as the Cardinals. Who blinks first and signs him?
  • CBC Sports has a piece about Colabello opting for free agency rather than an outright assignment.
  • Everything you wanted to know about Steve Pearce, his above average hard contact rate and his love of chicken wings can be found at the National Post.
  • And forget Liriano going to the bullpen. In a piece by Longley in the Sun, Gibby says he's a starter.
No doubt there will be more stuff during the day, so don't hold back, share the news.