Friday, June 19, 2020

Jays'd + Confused: Father's Day Edition!

Sun Bear At Rest.
when i sleep like that, my arm goes limp / numb.

warning: go no further if you prefer your posts light n' breezy. i'm not in the mood.

this week has taught me a great deal about myself. i am fetid garbage in a human skin suit, among other things. this'll come as no surprise to some of you (to whom i say, "eat me").

another, far more profound thought also occurred to me: the man i knew as my father was not my biological father yet his impact upon me was significantly more destructive than all "Game of Thrones" spoilers combined. so, y'know, fuck you, too, sir.

speaking of fathers, Sunday is Father's Day. enjoy those awkward phone calls and, perhaps, be grateful that you find yourself compelled to remain connected to him. if nothing else, after all, you carry half his DNA; and to the rest of you -- those sort of like me, for instance -- you ought to be glad your Old Man stuck around long enough to see you graduate High School before running off with the babysitter, mail-order Russian, whatever and not sooner.

this is your weekend music thread. please enjoy it responsibly.