Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hump Day Gratitude

I'm grateful that I made this place so you guys can make 1100 comments over 2 days. I'm grateful for technology that allows me to keep in touch with people and have virtual hangouts.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of doing a Zoom get together. If you haven't already, email me at (this account is specific to this site) with your handle and when would be a good time for you. I'm currently thinking about this Friday night. I won't post the details here because of the prevalence of Zoombombing (that's also why I'm asking for everyone's handles) but will email you all. The challenge is that my free account only allows for gatherings over 2 people for 40 minutes. If someone has a pro account and could host, that would be better. Failing that, we might just have to create a new meeting every 30 minutes. 

What are you grateful for?