Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Halloween is tonight and it is the perfect time to discuss our superstitions. Many of the athletes we watch are very superstitious. For example, Hall of famer Wade Boggs had a few superstitions, including, eating chicken before every game (earning him the nickname "chicken man"). He also took batting practice at exactly 5:17 and ran sprints at 7:17. Jason Giambi had an odd superstition when he was in a slump. He would slip into a pair of tight bikini panties! Another common superstition for a lot of pitchers is to avoid touching the baseline when walking on or off the field. When a pitcher is throwing a perfect game or no hitter, every player steers clear of him in the dugout. These are just a few examples of the superstitions athletes have.

Personally, I played soccer growing up and I didn't really have any superstitions. However, as a Canucks fan, I only wear my jersey during playoff games or when I go to a game at Roger's arena. I also don't leave the room while play is in action.

Please comment below what your superstitions are as both an athlete and fan of the game.

Happy Halloween

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