Monday, October 2, 2017

Remembering the good things in 2017

So yeah, the season didn't go the way we hoped. At times this team was painful to watch. But now that it's in the rear-view mirror, let's remember the awesome things that happened.

  • Smoak's breakout all-star season.
  • Stroman's 200 innings and all-star (well, he should have been!) season. They're talking about Sale but Stro has matched him in WAR at 5.9.
  • Osuna's 38 saves. There was a rough patch but he finished more games (57) than anyone else.
  • Goins insane RISP numbers - .935 OPS, 1.068 with 2 outs
  • Zeke quietly put together a .282/.356/.764 season by being used properly.
  • Dosh's August & September, when he looked like an MVP again. 
  • The emergence of the bullpen kids - Tepera, Leone, Barnes, Dermody, and Ramirez.
  • The kids are alright, with some ready to help the team next year.   
And now, some moments to remember.

Two run sac fly in Yankee Stadium:

Pillar making more tv moments:

Zeke not knowing he hit a homer:

The Coghlan flip:

Pearce 2 walk offs in a week:

Pearce crushing a dude:

Stroman's pinch hit double:

Maile/Stroman go back to back:

Smoak/Morales back to back walk off:

Morales hat-trick:

Teoscar's September run:

Goins with the hidden ball trick:

Barney forgets how to slide:

Dosh breaks Fenway:

Dermody forgetting the high fives:

José Bautista's last game at home: