Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shakespearean Gibbons

Gif by Ian Hunter via @GibbyGIFS

Our resident poet, nocramps13, struck again yesterday in our express yourself post. I'm putting it in its own post so it can be shared on twitter and other places because it's utterly brilliant. Here's what he wrote:

With apologies to the Montagues and Capulets.

He jests at the High Performance Department as if it were their doing.
(Gibby appears at the window)
Aloft! What knight doth ponder, (window breaks)
Tis the Skipper, and the Jack D is done.
Arise, impaired one, and spill the plenteous swoon.
You, who art already sick and pailed with grief.
Disavow your grayed heart, hardened liver and kidneys.
Be not dismayed, since we are not venomous.
For rest will bring delivery of the DL sick, now unseen.
And none but fools would dare cast thee off.
(Gibby teeters a tad on his chair)
Be careful Skip, O beloved one! Oh that he knew he were!
He leans, yet he says nothing. What's up with that?
His eye courses downward. I'll catch it!
I must hold! Tis not to me he looks.
Two of the reddest stars in all the heavens
Are busying themselves on game sheets and spray charts
The brightness of his cheeks doth light the night
like flashlights in a tent.
See how he leans, chin upon his hand
Studying tomorrows game plan.
Know that we know you know what's best
Next season shan't be quite as messed.