Site Guidelines

Ground rules

To post you must be registered with Disqus.
You're allowed to swear.
No advocating violence.
No sexist crap - that means images, comments, or screen names. In connection with someone's appearance, the rule is aesthetic comments are welcome, what you would like to do to said pretty in a graphic way is not. That crosses over into objectification.
No racist crap.
No hateful crap.
No insulting other posters - you're free to challenge people's viewpoints, you are not free to call them names. And yes, that includes calling people stupid and variations thereof. (Including "stay in your/the lane" and my personal fave, "give your head a shake". SMH) This can be a grey area, as a lot of time people who know each other will call each other names playfully. If you're unhappy with the way one of commentors is talking to you, call it out and one of the mods will step in to mediate.
No flashing gifs/images. Nothing that can give people headaches. Everything else is good.
No down voting. If you have a problem with a particular comment, articulate it.
No dehumanizing players. Criticize their performance and behaviour. But never forget there's a human being playing the game.

Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be respectful of others. Follow those and you're fine.

Any violation of these rules and you will be given a warning. If you ignore the warning, you will be banned without appeal. This is not a democracy. This is my house.

Other info

There is a regular posting schedule on this site to help you know when there's a new post. New post at 7am Monday to Friday unless there is a game that starts before 4pm. Game threats go up at noon for 1pm-ish starts, 3pm for 4-ish starts, 6pm for evening starts (all times ET). Saturday nights (unless there's a night game) is the party weekend thread - an open thread for the community to hang out. Times may change slightly on a West Coast swing, in which case game threats will go up around an hour before game time. Posts always go up on the hour as they are scheduled in advance.

This community loves to post videos and gifs. It's an important part of commentor interaction. They can slow down the thread if there's a lot. If you are having this problem, click on the - on the upper right of the comment containing the vid/gif (just put your mouse over it for it to appear). It will hide the comment in question and speed things up. You can also hide all media by clicking on the arrow next to your handle at the top of the comments and select Hide Media.

Writers come from the community. If you want to write, just say so and you will be contacted privately. If you are interested in becoming a mod, same thing.

Non-baseball conversation is encouraged but there is a moratorium on politics. There's lots of other places to go for that.

It has been a deliberate decision not to have ads on the site to improve site performance and the community experience. If you are interested in financially supporting the site, there are a few ways to do so on the right sidebar. If you want to do small monthly support, like a Patreon, click on the Subscribe button. If you want to do a one-time donation, click on the Donate button. If you shop at Amazon, search for your item through the search bar and this site receives a commission for everything you purchase during that session. Your support is gratefully welcomed.

If you have tickets you want to sell, you're welcome to post about them in the comments as long as you're selling at cost or below.